Endorsement Red Bank Commissioner - Edward LeCompte

Endorsement to Elect Faye Robinson HCSB - District 10

Faye has spent a lifetime dedicated to our Greater Chattanooga Community.

She is a strong leader and a consummate volunteer for children, families and veterans.

When asked to run for school board, Faye heard the statistics of how many students could not read on grade level and she was appalled. The numbers - some 64 % across the board by third grade can’t read on grade level and many dropout, flunk or remain behind through graduation or they must take remedial classes when they begin higher education. Out of a $850 million dollar Hamilton County Budget we spend roughly $544 million on our schools, and kids can’t Read; She said, Sign me up!

Faye is a graduate of Public Schools and of

UT Chattanooga. She was the co-owner of Robinson - Thompson Insurance Agency before selling the business for retirement.

Faye’s financial background in the insurance industry and as a business owner was great training for financial forecasting, accountability and transparency with the school board budget.

Reading, Writing, Math, Art, Sciences, Civics and Financial Literacy are paramount for our children becoming successful adults. According to Faye, the basic skills of being able to read, write, and calculate math are necessary, for all students, no matter their future career choices.

Faye is an incredible advocate for students.

She volunteers and mentors with Tennessee Achieves to assist and encourage graduating students to transition from high school to either college or trade school.

Faye wants our students to become independent, critical thinking, empathic,

well - adjusted, responsible and successful citizens.

We All Do.

Faye is honest, forthright, organized, attentive and trustworthy. Faye’s lifetime of service shows that she cares and that she listens; Faye finds solutions and acts in everyone’s best interest.

Electing Faye to the HCSB matters to All of Us in Hamilton County. We elect from districts but Faye will Support and Serve All Students, Parents, Teachers and Admin to have the Resources, Facilities and Skills Necessary to Accomplish Positive and Successful Outcomes for All ; while Raising the Standards and Accountability.

Faye is the epitome of a fine, humble, southern, Christian woman. She has been

an incredible Leader, Volunteer, Patriot and Mentor. She shows up, rolls up her sleeves and gets the work done.

She is the ONLY Conservative in the current field of HCSB Candidates for D10.

Faye Believes Education is the Great Equalizer for our Society !

Good Leaders: Pray, Listen and Serve.

I said that in my endorsement for Sabrena for Mayor and now the same is true for my

Endorsement for Faye Robinson for School Board District 10!

Thank you,

Edward LeCompte

Red Bank Commissioner

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