Veteran HCGOP leader and volunteer says she is running to help focus on fundamentals

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (March 21) – Republican activist and current Vice President of Chattanooga Republican Women, Faye Robinson, launched her campaign today to represent the newly-formed District 10 on the Hamilton County School Board.

As one of 10 children in her family, she learned to get along with others at an early age. Mrs. Robinson is a product of public education and received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. She is a retired insurance agent and formally co-owner of Robinson-Thompson Insurance Agency. Mrs. Robinson and her husband, Tom, have spent the majority of their adult life in Hamilton County and have lived in Ooltewah for 12 years. Tom is a retired risk manager and currently serves on the board of the Savannah Valley Utility District.

Mrs. Robinson says she believes that our public schools need to return to the fundamentals of academics. She does not support Critical Race Theory, as she believes it diverts attention from the basics each child is entitled to – reading at grade level, writing clearly, math, science and civics. With 64 percent of tax revenue going to education, the community needs more transparency into the central office and schools.

Mrs. Robinson adds that it’s essential for parents to become more involved in their children’s education and that it’s too important to entirely outsource that responsibility to a public bureaucracy. “Early childhood education is critical to getting kids started on the right path to learning,” she said. “And that starts at home by helping young children learn letters and numbers and sounding out words. As the child grows, it’s still important for parents to remain aware of the content that schools are teaching, as many parents have discovered from the COVID lockdowns and online learning.”

In addition to emphasizing early childhood education, Mrs. Robinson wants to see safe and up-to-date facilities for students and teachers as well as teaching life skills so graduates may choose a pathway to higher education or entering the workforce.

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