Moms for Liberty Event

I want to thank Brandy and all the Moms for Liberty for allowing me to speak tonight and

express my purpose in running for School Board in the newly formed District 10. Adults must be advocates for our school children and I want to focus on the fundamentals of education which I consider to be reading, writing, math, science, civics, and respect for others.

Until you change how you get things done, you will never know what works best. We know

what hasn’t been working; poor reading scores, colleges requiring remedial courses in writing and math, students graduating as functional illiterates. It’s time to focus on the basics. Students and teachers must have the tools and skills needed to succeed in life.

Demand accountability for expected outcomes. With 64% of tax revenue going for education,

the community needs more results and transparency into the central office and schools.

Three common complaints I hear regarding the education system are

  • Students are not reading at grade level

  • Behavior problems

  • Redoing the pay structure for teachers and essential workers

I want to know what the principals are doing to correct the behavior problems.

More funds will be allocated with the restructuring of the BEP formula.

I am against Critical Race theory being taught in our schools. While Tennessee has excluded

the teaching of Critical Race Theory, it apparently is disguised in teaching materials and

teacher training.

I am very uncomfortable with obscenity in the books in the school library and pleased that the Tennessee Legislation currently has SB1944 and HB1944 to define obscenity as social norms or community standards. Either way, elected officials are accountable to making sure reading materials are age appropriate. There is no “right” for a radical, unelected minority to pass off such content to children.

As a member of the School Board I will work for the following:

  1. Place a heavy emphasis on early education - K to 3rd Grade. This is the foundation which future learning is based.

  2. Provide safe and up to date facilities for students and teachers.

  3. Teaching life skills which will allow students to transition to higher education or the workforce. For example require a financial literacy class for high schoolers similar to one recently signed into law by Gov DeSantis of Florida which among other topics include:

  • Opening and managing a bank account

  • Basic principles of money management

  • Completing a loan application

  • I would add teaching the importance of car maintenance and time management

Education is the great equalizer for our society and I feel a responsibility to step up and work to make the greatest positive impact for current and future generations. It would be an honor to be a part of the solution.

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